Cloud Journey

Create or optimize your cloud journey to achieve full value while reducing your cost.

Intelligent IT

Introduce intelligence into all your technology decisions and benefit from value-based decisions while reducing waste and risk.

Expert Partnership

Walk the journey with an expert partner whose intent is to enable you succeed in your business by heavy lifting all your non-core business functions.

Our Services

Cloud Professional Services

We introduce Intelligence into all our professional services where our team of experts works with you to understand the value you are seeking to create. They build solutions through ideating, architecting, and deploying to cloud with a keen eye on security to reduce risks and low cost to ensure IT cost is low and predictable.

Cloud Consulting

We believe in the power of doing so we successfully achieve short iterations through consulting. We also take the ‘eat your own dog food’ approach to Cloud Consulting. We drive consulting engagements that are value-oriented, simple, and achievable. We believe in short iterations of success as a way to define and achieve value.

Modernization & Automation

Migrating to the cloud is great, but it won’t be worth it without the full capabilities of a data center. It’s important for businesses to adopt, simplify, and automate business capabilities. This ensures cost efficiency and intelligent business services simultaneously.

Who We Are

DevOps Foundry is a Managed Cloud Services provider focusing on AWS, Microsoft Azure ang GCP (Google Cloud Platform). We enable businesses migrate, operate and modernize their systems and services through the power of cloud. We deliver Cloud Consulting, Cloud Journey Mapping, Cloud Adoption, and Cloud Modernization. Our Customers benefit from our highly expertized Architects, Engineers, Developers, and Project Managers that walk through the journey with them. We are the preferred Cloud Computing service provider in Africa for AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

Who we are

Our four pillars

We have integrated the following capabilities into our service offerings to enable clients to achieve their goals:

Lean cloud workloads

We work with our clients to ensure they reduce waste on all cloud workloads and ensure only optimal workloads run, meeting the needs of the business at a fraction of the cost.

Agile IT

We enable you to have a robust strategy that enables aggressive and result-oriented IT Organization that enables your business to achieve a fast time to market and value.

Intelligent IT

We leverage data and analytics to determine patterns and possibilities for your business. This enables intelligent decisions and investments that lead to business growth.

Cloud first & native

Our initiatives enable you leverage the best of cloud services for your business goals. This enables your business reduce cost, and operational overheads while enabling innovation.

About Devops Foundry

How do we fit in?

We take time to understand your current IT estate and journey to cloud. Give guidance on the cloud capabilities and how your business can gain from adopting cloud. Once the objectives and estate are clear, create a journey map for you to follow and help you execute on it.

Our Partners

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Cloud Journey Use Cases

Migration to Azure from a hyper environment for a financial institution

Cost optimization for AWS infrastructure up to 65% cost reduction.

Cloud (AWS) rearchitecting to align to the well architected framework and achieving all the 5 pillars.

Supported Technologies

Kubernetes technology
Github Services
GitLab Services in Kenya
Azure DevOps Service in Kenya
AWS DevOps Services

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