Cloud strategy & architecting

Cloud Computing in Your Organization

Cloud strategy & architecting is an interactive roadmap that helps you understand how your organization will migrate to the cloud. It includes key tasks, deliverables, and deadlines. You can customize it to show your company-specific data and individual roles.

Cloud strategy architecting

Cloud strategy and architecting

Cloud is the buzzword everyone is talking about. However, it poses daunting questions for all; those who are seeking to start, those who already have invested in local or collocated data center infrastructure, or those in an enterprise setup. It’s a difficult first step, but we at Devops Foundry  are here to walk you through this journey.

We focus on understanding your current environment and creating a suitable journey befitting your use case, enabling you to make the right decisions, invest properly and engage the business stakeholders objectively. This ensures that the business values are not lost in the technology stack transformation conversations.

How we deliver

Our consulting services include architecting to ensure that your workloads are mapped out, a perspective of what it takes to modernize your system is viewed, mundane tasks automated, and all this as your journey to cloud is arrived at. This enables all stakeholders to focus on what is important to the business and get value from it. Our consultancy also saves your investment costs without the regret of not getting it right the first time.

Why choose us?

Critical and timely decision-making defines any competitive edge you stand to gain for yourself and your clients. The cost of delay may always cause a decline in market share and ultimately revenue loss. A qualified expert partner affords you a bridge in the skills gap, cover of technical dept, and faster transformation drive. We are experts in our field and have great teams and individuals that customize quick adoptable journeys for you to reap the benefits of cloud. More importantly, we work on Cloud so that Cloud works for you.

Key gains for strategy and architectural consulting:

  • Faster time to value
  • Cloud-native architectures with high utility and warranty
  • Easy decision making
  • Activity and operational optimization
  • Eased adoption of cloud-native cultures and services

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