Well-Architected Framework

Measure Your Architecture Against Best Practices and Identify Areas for Improvement.

The Well-Architected Framework provides a way for us to consistently measure your architecture against best practices and identify areas for improvement. It provides a constructive conversation about architectural decisions, not an audit mechanism. We believe that having well-architected systems greatly increases the likelihood of business success.

Well-Architected Framework

About Well-Architected Framework

Most of the IT, Infrastructure, Applications, Data, and Networks have had to evolve with the advent of cloud computing. This introduces a new dimension of co-creating value within business requirements. There are new guidelines to be followed to ensure that businesses realize value with the growth in complexity of infrastructure, applications, data, and intelligence. 

A change of perspective is thus needed, factoring in best practices to realize a robust, easy to work with technology estate which meets all the underlying requirements for a sustainable, and scalable business.

What is the well-architected framework?

The well-architected framework was developed by AWS and got adopted by other hyper scalers. It enables a business to understand the importance of the Cloud and factors to consider while building cloud solutions.

The framework has five pillars;

  1. Operational Excellence – This involves the consumption of higher-order systems and automation of cloud operations, ensuring the cloud works for your business and not vice-versa.
  2. Security – This is an overarching framework that should be considered in all IT estate. It enables businesses to understand how to enforce security standards and best practices on cloud.
  3. Reliability – Reliability engineering ensures reliable workloads through implementing resilient architectures, fault tolerance, and disaster recoverability.
  4. Performance Efficiency – A key objective of cloud is ensuring workloads meet user demands with efficiency. Performance is realized through building scalable and adaptable cloud resources.

Cost Optimization – The cost of cloud can range from negligibly low to exorbitantly high. Understanding cost management, finding the right services, and constantly finding value for money on cloud solutions may not be straightforward, resulting in unnecessarily inflated IT budgets. Building cost structures is a key deliverable to a fulfilling cloud experience.

Why consider the well-architected framework?

This framework helps organizations focus on value while minimizing risk. It ensures that key agendas are addressed, and achievable, value is realized, and risk is tracked. This affords you accountability for your IT budget

Why choose us?

We have helped multiple organizations to achieve value internally, and for their clients by successfully implementing this framework, addressing all pillars. Our managed services and products could help you realize this as well.

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