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Cloud Governance

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Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance Service

Cloud offers limitless potential and resources, and consequentially limitless costs that may arise from over-provisioning, over-utilization, and uncontrolled scaling. Cost needs to be optimized to avoid unnecessary overheads to the business.

Cloud can be misconfigured leaving the workloads vulnerable to malicious actors that may infiltrate the environments and workloads bringing harm to the business. This needs to be controlled for the business’s safety.

With multiple users within the Cloud environment, it is possible to over delegate giving users more rights than they ought to which may be harmful to the business. Gaining control over the users and their actions on cloud is critical to optimal cloud environments.

This brings up governance as a key factor in controlling cloud environments. This requires a partner who understands the cogs and gears of cloud platforms and enforces an aspect of control from insights on resource consumption to optimize a business’s entire estate.

How do we do it

We develop highly efficient and optimized architectures governed by value-based policies which reduce risk and cost factors for our clients’ deployments. We have solutions within AWS, Azure, and GCP that are structured to scale down from small businesses up to large enterprises, realizing fit and purpose for all.

Why choose us?

At DevOps Foundry, our expertise is the core enabler to our clients. We have engineers and architects well versed with experience from large enterprise and business fields who provide quick time to value. We implement your organization’s policies and formulate them in case you have none and assess compatibility with industry best practices. This is our mantra of partnership.

Cloud computing has to be simple and safe for you as a business.

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