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We are a renowned cloud services company, providing the best cloud migration services in Kenya.

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DevOps Services

DevOps is an amalgamation of Development and Operations into a single IT unit designed to achieve technological value for the business. We facilitate this for your business by leveraging native cloud solution offerings within AWS, Azure and GCP. We also work with recognized third-party tools to ensure that the software development lifecycle from dev, staging to production is an efficient and automated, seamless development pipeline.

How do we do it

We design the development pipelines, and deployments for containers, Kubernetes, and server instances where applicable and train your developers on how to use them. This improves your business’s ability to develop capabilities on your applications and improves accountability and developer performance.

Why choose us?

Our skills with the cloud afford our clients and their developers the flexibility of deploying software from their development pipelines efficiently and securely. Our clients enjoy the reduced time to value on code development, while developers benefit from the optimized pipelines availed, thus our clients can focus on availing providing to their customers.

Key Focus

Application/software development should be focused on customer needs, not on the development processes or technology stacks.

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