Cloud Migration

Reduce the Risk of Downtime & Save Money

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. Businesses can migrate their existing data and applications to the cloud with minimal disruption by using off-the-shelf tools. This helps businesses save money and increase efficiency while reducing the risk of downtime.

Our cloud adoption services ensure:

Cloud migration Services in Africa

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration from on-premise servers or set up afresh can be a daunting task. This requires knowledge, skills, and vast experience in the process to ensure that you come up with applications, systems, and solutions that will serve the business goals. We facilitate migration from on-premise infrastructure, co-located infrastructure, or new setups. We observe standard best practices and bring awareness to the existing cloud provider services; AWS, Azure, and GCP.

How do we do it

We create a customized journey to cloud for your business from design to modernization and transforming how your business works. The whole process is managed by a team of experts in Cloud Consulting, Cloud Architecture and Design, Agile Project Management, and DevOps engineering that handle the whole process for you. This gives your business the capacity to adopt and migrate to cloud faster and with limited constraints. We have all our customers successfully migrated and with optimal environments.

Cloud Migration

Who needs this service?

If your business is seeking to have a rapid growth through the adoption of business optimized technology, and you have your systems on-premises, collocated or you are starting afresh, then you are a great candidate for this service.
If you have a migration plan and you lack the core skills to migrate you to cloud, this service is the best fit because it enables you to drive adoption faster and reduce/remove any trial-and-error processes giving your business a competitive edge in the market.

Do you need to migrate to the cloud?

You should. easily and quickly.

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